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The Community Foundation of Greater New Britain connects donors who care with causes that matter in Berlin, New Britain, Plainville and Southington. If you'd like to make a difference in your community, please contact us for more information.

Do you hear that?

As the great Elmer Fudd often said, “Ssshhh, be bery, bery quiet.”

Of course you’re not hunting “wabbit”, but when you’re working with your clients you may hear that special charitable giving opportunity arise.

Most people are generous and caring. They’d love the opportunity to give back in a significant way that is personally meaningful to them, but they don’t always know the best way to make that charitable connection. Notable charitable giving opportunities often arise when people are making major personal or business financial decisions, and the professional advisor who is well versed in efficient and effective donation vehicles can help clients recognize the opportunity and achieve their philanthropic goals.

Some of the concerns you may find when discussing charitable giving with clients revolve around feeling insecure with the entity they will donate to; feeling separated from their gift; or feeling like they have a lot of interests, but not enough funds to donate to them all. The Community Foundation is in the unique position to answer those concerns. Whether it be donor-advised funds, memorial funds, scholarships, charitable trusts or gift annuities, CFGNB can discuss all of these options with you and your client and allow them to support multiple, local non-profits at once by working through their own community foundation.

It is often said, “Charity begins at home.” For many donors, the idea of improving the quality of life for their family, neighbors, customers or friends by investing in their own community is a powerful concept. As community-minded individuals working with CFGNB, their vision and interests for the community will be supported through their gifts. And, as a professional advisor who can share an extensive knowledge of philanthropy and the charitable work being done in your local community, you strengthen your role as a trusted advisor.

Working together we can simplify your clients charitable giving while providing the greatest tax advantages and confidence by knowing that the CFGNB has met the rigorous compliance process of National Standards for U.S. Community Foundations™

So whether it’s “wabbit” season or tax season, keep an ear out for those charitable giving opportunities!

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