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The Beehive Society


The beehive has long been a symbol of organized activity of many for the common good of all.  It is an apt symbol as well for the group of valued supporters of the Community Foundation of Greater New Britain who have informed us that they have a plan in place to make a future gift to the Foundation.  These forward-thinking and generous individuals help to ensure that, through their legacy, the Community Foundation will continue to make a significant difference in people’s lives in the times ahead.

What is a “future gift”?

Beehive Society members have used one, or a combination of, life income arrangements, their wills and their estate plans to provide for a future gift to the Community Foundation.  As with gifts during one’s lifetime, these future gifts of $5,000 or more become funds at the Foundation, named by their donor for the purpose specified by the donor.

Most frequently, bequests and other future gifts are general in nature, enabling the Foundation to respond to the times.  Sometimes, donors have specific organizations or interest areas in mind and want to incorporate them into their plans.  In that case, we encourage them to contact the Foundation to discuss specific plans in advance to be sure the Foundation thoroughly understands and can fulfill their wishes.

Are There Any Benefits to Membership in the Beehive Society?

Beehive Society members, together with other major donors to the Foundation, form the core of the Foundation’s growing “family” of supporters.  The Foundation believes that, while financial resources are essential to promoting positive change, the support of interested citizens is vital to sustaining activities that improve our community.  Gathering our supporters together, communicating with them on important issues and encouraging efforts to promote the common good, is a large part of our mission.

For these reasons, Beehive Society members are invited to the Foundation’s general and special events, receive special reports and mailings, and are listed in a special section of the Foundation’s annual report.  This is our way of recognizing members’ generosity in its many forms.

How To Become a Member of the Beehive Society

To become a member, simply notify the Foundation by phone, or in writing, that you have made plans to make a future gift to the Foundation:

Phone: Ann Bova at (860) 229-6018

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