Freedom for Responsibilities

Everyone enjoys time off. We love our down time so much it’s becomepart of the vernacular. Living for the weekend…R&R…de-stress…unplug…TGIF… as the sayings go. We wait for five o’clock.We dream about retirement. And there’s certainly nothing wrong withkicking back. All work and no play can be pretty dull. But sometimes ashort escape from our To-Do list doesn’t provide the deeper sense ofwell-being we really long for. Could it be that the elusive restorationwe seek in freedom from our responsibilities is actually discovered inseeking freedom for our responsibilities? If we carve out time to giveback, do we inevitably get so much more than we give?

If Hugh and Lois Penney are any indication, the answer is a resounding“Yes.” For the Penneys, finding time to help others is more than just aresponsibility-- it’s an energizing and fulfilling passion. Giving toothers may even be their secret to a long, happy life…it is withoutquestion their purpose in life. And creating a legacy gift through theCommunity Foundation’s Beehive Society has been a rewarding tool in helping the Penney’s carry out that purpose.

HughPenney, Minister Emeritus of New Britain’s South Congregational Church,has not spent his retirement years with his feet up. He and Lois, hiswife of 61 years, are active donors and volunteers in many areanon-profit charitable organizations. Hugh has served on the CFGNB’sBoard of Directors as well as many Foundation committees; he’s stillactive on the CFGNB Building Committee. Lois, an active volunteer withthe Central CT Literacy Volunteers, recently was honored by thatorganization when they named their heritage group the Lois K. PenneyLegacy Society. Hugh explains, I don’t think of generosity as justgiving. It’s a life goal. ” Lois adds, “Helping others keeps usactively connected to our community and very busy. Working with theCommunity Foundation allows us to be a part of an exciting group ofphilanthropic peers.”

Hugh and Lois are Partners in Philanthropy as well as members of theBeehive Society. “Working with the Community Foundation has been veryrewarding. Their 70 year track record, fiscal integrity and soundinvestment strategy are especially important to me when creating alegacy gift that will continue to carry out our life’s work of helpingothers well into the future,” shares Hugh.

Future gifts can be provided to the Community Foundation through lifeincome arrangements, wills and estate plans or a combination of thesetools. The CFGNB staff can provide helpful information and guidancetailored towards your specific goals and situation. To become a BeehiveSociety member, simply notify the Foundation by phone, or in writing,that you wish to make plans for a future gift through the Foundation.

So, the next time you have some down-time, consider the upside ofjoining the Beehive Society and create a future gift that can continueyour philanthropic work beyond your own lifetime.

Contact Ann Bova, Director of Development, to learn more:
Phone: (860) 229-6018 x 302

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